Christine Magala

Areas of expertise
• Human Resource management
• Organisational development
• Strategic planning

Christine is a qualified and practicing Human Resource professional with an MBA in Human Resource Management , Bachelor’s in Economics and Geography and a Diploma in Education plus with accumulated experience of over 15 years in HRM and Organisational Development, a seasoned Trainer and a Coach
Professional Engagements
Christine has extensive consulting and field tested experience in Organisational Restructuring and
Structural reviews, Change Management, Career Transition in a changing work environment, Staff Separation Management, Career Planning, Career Resilience and Management and as a Lead Consultant, in liaison with other consulting firms, as well as a team for different clients, (including Government ministries, parastatals, NGOs, donor agencies, private sector organizations) as
reflected below.
As part of IFE Consultant team, Christine successfully participated in initiatives by the Privatization Unit (Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development) the first one of its kind as a Resource person in Change Management and strategic Counseling of Civil Servants affected by the privatization of most of the Parastatal Organizations in Uganda.
Below is the part of the track record of clientele served.
• Christine prepared a Pre-retirement Training manual for the Ministry of Public Service (MoPS) the
first ever and its currently operational.
• She is currently extensively involved in Managing Change, Career Transition commonly known as
Restructuring / Retirement and Career Guidance and Counseling.

Key Qualifications
Christine Magala, a former HR Manager in then Celtel Uganda Ltd. She is currently the Head of Business Development Projects at IFE Consultants. She is a qualified and practicing Human Resource Management / Organization Development Specialist with accumulated experience of over 15 years in HR developments and best practices.
Christine holds an MBA (Human Resource Management), BA and a Diploma in Education. Trained in Makerere University, India and South Africa and having worked at senior management level with the Corporate, Private and Public Sectors. Before she joined IFE Consultants, accumulated experience in Strategic / organizational reviews and ability to recommend workable processes, policies for maximum efficiency.
Most recent relevant assignments already satisfactorily conducted in the area of human resource
management and organisational review in the last two years.
Christine lead teams and also participated as a team member on a number of organisational restructuring assignments. Currently, she is part of IFE Consultants team that is handling the restructuring process of Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) a process which is on-going country-wide and she is the lead consultant on a similar assignment with HIMA Uganda Cement (on-going – November 2015). The firm has just completed successfully a Redundancy and deployment exercise for Joint Medical Store (JMS), Tullow Uganda in March 2014 and in March 2015, Total E&P in 2014 and 2015, Uganda Breweries, National Housing and Construction Company and BAT.